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Diagnose Yourself For STD At Home

You are not the sole individual who is embarrassed to visit an STD testing center. There are many more like you who wonder what the outcome will be if their friends, relatives or colleagues found them visiting the diagnostic center. However, you should not take the risk of taking medications for eliminating strains of sexually transmitted diseases before confirming that you actually suffer from this ailment. On the one hand, if you feel a burning sensation while urinating, it could be due to STD. On the other hand, you will also feel this pain due to bacterial infection of your urinary tract that affects your bladder. Therefore, you might not be able to cure the bacterial infection by taking antibiotics meant to cure parasitic infections such as chlamydia.

The misconception about sex and STD
Many people are of the view that they are not suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, even if they have symptoms that clearly indicate that they are in fact suffering from STD. Their reasoning is that they never had sex with anyone else apart from their partner, and followed safe sex by wearing a condom during the process as well. These individuals should realize that they could get infected with this infection if they inject drugs into their veins with a used needle, which was previously used by someone suffering from STDs. Remember, this ailment, apart from infecting by direct touch of the penis and vagina, transmits itself through blood as well. Therefore, if you notice a thick yellowish discharge from your private areas consults a physician immediately.

Back to square one
The physician might prescribe some antibiotics, but you can be sure that he will recommend you to get yourself tested for STD. This can be harrowing news for individuals who feel ashamed of visiting clinics that specialize in conducting such tests. Does this imply that you have no option left apart from visiting the STD testing center? The good news is that you do not have to.

STD test kits
You can purchase special test kits from online stores that allow you to test samples of your urine or blood in the privacy of your home to confirm whether you are suffering from STD or not. However, thanks to the increase in demand for such kits, many online stores promote kits that are not capable of detecting the ailment. This means that they might show a false positive even if you are not affected by STD. Your best option is to purchase kits sold by reputable online stores such as who offer the best kit for detecting Chlamydia from the privacy of your home.

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