Who are you trying to persuade?

Winning elections is about two pretty simple things. You’re either trying to change a voter’s mind about you or, if they like you just fine already,  giving them a poke to get them off their arse and to the polling station. The two … Continued

Is silence the price of loyalty?

I am finding it harder and harder to write on politics as we approach the election. This is because, believe it or not, I really want the Labour party to win the next General Election. You’d think a fierce hunger for a change … Continued

The cyclical theory of Labour

One of my pet theories is that every quarter-century or so, the Labour party goes through a defining debate about the sort of party it should be. We’re overdue such a debate now. The first of these defining rows was about whether a … Continued

The Popular Centre: Links and files

My new Policy Network  pamphlet on rebuilding the popular centre is out: You can read my article for Progress summarising the argument here: Thank you so much for the kind reactions. I’ll be writing more about the subject, but I’ve … Continued

Why I’m against the Mansion Tax

Yesterday, I suddenly realised why I don’t like the Mansion Tax. What was the reason for this revelation? It wasn’t Myleene Klaas’s glass of water, or a sudden conversion to David Cameron’s way of thinking. Nor am I thinking of making … Continued

The limits of Hashtag Loyalty

‘The coup that wasn’t’ had a dénouement as predictable as a Tory split on Europe. Less revolt than a fearful shiver, it was always going to end in a rallying round. I avoided both shiver and rally. I missed the shiver … Continued

Three bad ideas that are hurting Labour

There are three bad ideas with a quiet traction over Labour party strategy. Since the last election, they have made us complacent over our polling position and their persistent influence has led people in a position of power in the party … Continued

Immigration Nation

I am on the wrong side of public opinion on one of the major issues of the time. I support the free movement of Labour across Europe, and am, in general, of the belief that immigration is not a great … Continued

Arse about tit Fiscal Conservatism

I am proud of being a left wing fiscal conservative. Unfortunately, being a fiscal conservative is synonymous with economic illiteracy for much of the left. This is because what has tended to be defined as ‘conservatism’ is an intention to cut … Continued