One step beyond

Who’s afraid of Jeremy Corbyn? Not me. Labour people who might vote for Jeremy Corbyn have two possible rationales. One is political. These are the true believers, those who endured the cold, lonely years of power and responsibility in a … Continued

A modest (and doubly stolen) proposal

One of my personal political heroes is former Chilean Minister of Finance Andrés Velasco. Stop looking at me like that. It’s perfectly normal. In case you don’t pay attention to Chilean politics, Velasco was Finance Minister from 2006 to 2010. … Continued

Osborne’s gift to Labour

A National Living Wage. That’s the headline George Osborne’s advisers wanted from this budget, and it’s likely he’ll get it. It’s an audacious raid on Labour territory, but it disguises a big concession. The retreat isn’t about improving family finances. … Continued

Liz Kendall for Prime Minister

I’m going to be putting this blog to sleep for a while.  That’s because I’ve decided to support Liz Kendall for Leader of the Labour party, and hopefully one day as Prime Minister. Five days after a crushing, horrible election … Continued

Together, in the National Interest?

The Conservative party could cause Labour real problems by making a ‘big, open offer’. They won’t. On May 7th 2010, David Cameron made the smartest move of his leadership of the Conservative party. Having failed to win a Conservative majority by … Continued

Putting the Boots in.

As I grew up in Nottingham, I’m a big supporter of Boots. Raleigh bikes too. (I have mixed feelings about John Player). So when it came down to backing Boots or the Labour party on the matter of business policy, … Continued

Who are you trying to persuade?

Winning elections is about two pretty simple things. You’re either trying to change a voter’s mind about you or, if they like you just fine already,  giving them a poke to get them off their arse and to the polling station. The two … Continued

Is silence the price of loyalty?

I am finding it harder and harder to write on politics as we approach the election. This is because, believe it or not, I really want the Labour party to win the next General Election. You’d think a fierce hunger for a change … Continued

The cyclical theory of Labour

One of my pet theories is that every quarter-century or so, the Labour party goes through a defining debate about the sort of party it should be. We’re overdue such a debate now. The first of these defining rows was about whether a … Continued