Shut up and take my money

I want to pay for good writing. I really do. The problem is, no-one seems to have worked out how to do it. Luckily I have. As Matthew Sinclair points out, for a standard punter to pay for their media is … Continued

The Stop the World Coalition

The most dominant movement in British foreign policy is not either of the main parties, or any major campaigning group. It is the Stop the World coalition. This is a broad alliance, encompassing Andrew Murray, Lindsey German of the far left to to Matthew … Continued

A small Summer for politics

Last week Danny Finkelstein said the following about this here blog. I think @hopisen one of the very best writers on modern politics. Simply & consistently brilliant. Here's the latest — Daniel Finkelstein (@Dannythefink) August 10, 2014 This is … Continued


What is it to be complicit in the actions of another state? It is a question raised by those speaking loudly against Israel, but not against Russia, or Syria, who argue that the reason their voice is loud in one case, … Continued

Not in my name?

It is hard to express my feelings about the gulf that has emerged between my views on the terrible, catastrophic situation in the Middle East and most of ‘leftish’ opinion1. I feel further adrift from my domestic friends than I ever … Continued

Personalities, Promises and Policies

When Ed Miliband stood up to decry a political and media that places image above policy, it was easy to both agree with his argument and note the inconsistency in any politician making it. There was Miliband, in front of a … Continued

The long overdue death of the ‘Progressive moment’?

There are many default responses in British politics, reactions to occurrences that don’t require much thought. A good Tory one is the desire to lower regulation in the face of any downturn. One of my favourites on the left is to declare … Continued

Gaza: Avoiding ‘Victory’

I wanted to write on Gaza in the hopeful calm of a temporary ceasefire. It was not to be. Within a couple of hours of the Ceasefire, rockets were fired at Israel, and a tunnel was used to attack Israel. Israel … Continued

How to win an argument on Twitter

I’ve had several twitter spats over the last few years. Shamefully, I’ve used the below techniques to win arguments. They’re utterly pointless, because they don’t actually advance any debate, but do give you a superficial sense of victory, and usually … Continued

Three Years Late

Both the British economy and British politics are three years behind where they should be. This will define the next election. Labour has two messages for the media today. The first, from Ed Miliband, is that we should focus on … Continued