In which Tony Blair agrees with Stop the War…

I’ve an article over at Progress about Tony Blair’s speech this morning on the threat of extremist Islam. It’s a fairly long piece, so I want to let it stand for itself. However, it does occur to me that in … Continued

Labour’s inevitable war of attrition, short version.

My last post was quite long, so here’s an abbreviated version for the lazy and feckless among you. All polling suggests this is a large majority of the populace. Most oppositions lose voters in the year before an election. Very, … Continued

Labour’s inevitable strategy: A war against attrition

Douglas Alexander is getting a lot of advice about Labour’s General Election campaign. Some of this advice is of the ‘Chill, Bro, we’ve got this’ variety. Other advice amounts more to a “we’re doomed, doomed! DOOMED!” analysis. Neither  helps Labour’s election … Continued

Miller’s lossing: Five defences of No 10s total incompetence

What on earth was the Downing Street political operation thinking? Maria Miller had been damaging the government for a week before she resigned. Single handedly, she’d ended a run of positive news coverage for the government, reignited the expenses scandal, … Continued

A strong attack on a flawed privatisation

Labour’s front bench deserve a pat on the back for their assault on the privatisation of the royal mail. After what has been a rough week, attacking the way Royal Mail shares were sold off at what seems a low … Continued

The New Hard Left: Renzi and Valls.

As I was told on twitter, the new Prime Ministers of Italy and France, Renzi and Valls, sound like a Italian cop show airing on BBC Four. @hopisen "Renzi & Valls" sounds like next Euro copshow on BBC4. One's off … Continued

Why transformational politics is meaningless

I’ve been reading the debate in leftish policy circles about the extent to which Labour’s manifesto should be transformative or cautious with a puzzled expression on my usually urbane features. I struggle to uncover which side I am supposed to be on, … Continued

What me, worry?

The Labour party appears to be going through one of our occasional periods of worried introspection. A smaller poll lead produces nerves like a frog produces spawn. Naturally, this somewhat irritates loyalists to the Labour leader. I take a very … Continued

A pensions victory for Labour…

The announcement by the Government that it will offer a cap on pensions charges of 0.75% from April 2015 is quite a significant victory for Rachel Reeves and Labour’s work and pensions team, and for Ed Miliband, who announced Labour’s … Continued

A ‘real divide’ never is.

The real divide between political writers is not between left-wing ones and right-wing ones, but between the ones who use the real divide trope and those who do not. The real divide trope is a very handy way of changing the … Continued