How to win an argument on Twitter

I’ve had several twitter spats over the last few years. Shamefully, I’ve used the below techniques to win arguments. They’re utterly pointless, because they don’t actually advance any debate, but do give you a superficial sense of victory, and usually … Continued

Three Years Late

Both the British economy and British politics are three years behind where they should be. This will define the next election. Labour has two messages for the media today. The first, from Ed Miliband, is that we should focus on … Continued

Modern Sherman Statements

I am in a somewhat odd position for a political obsessive. I am simultaneously without any desire to be elected to office, admiring of those that are willing to endure that torment, and a loyal Labour supporter. The latter is … Continued

Polling and predictions: Pick your own narrative

The desire to anticipate events is a constant in human history. The world is a big, scary, weird place and it is reassuring to know what is around the corner. Fortunes have been made by apparently superior predictiveness, and fortunes have … Continued

A polling diversion from internal Labour briefing

I could be talking a lot about Labour internal politics. My God, I could be talking about Labour internal politics. I’m not sure what good it would do though, because people are doing what they’re doing to protect their positions, … Continued

A quiet burial: Labour’s ’40% strategy’ a year on

Almost a year ago, my good friend Marcus Roberts wrote a pamphlet called ‘Labour’s next majority’. In it, Marcus set out how Labour could win an election with 40% of the vote,  without appealing to a large swathe of 2010 Tory voters.  His … Continued

When a good strategy doesn’t seem to be working.

Labour’s ‘Cost of Living’ strategy deserves more attention than it’s getting. Ed Miliband renewed his focus on it today, in his speech at the GMB Congress, and we can see its political relevance in the new wages data and the continuing … Continued

Immersing a cynic

I have become captivated by a piece of theatre.  I’m rather surprised by my  enjoyment of visiting Temple Pictures, Hollywood or more prosaically, attending PunchDrunk’s production of ‘The Drowned Man’, playing in an old post office in Paddington. This is because if I … Continued

No plans… and the higher ground

“We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT” said David Cameron.  He then raised VAT. Having just raised National Insurance, Tony Blair told Jeremy Paxman that “At the time of the election we didn’t have plans to increase national insurance or … Continued