Immigration Nation

I am on the wrong side of public opinion on one of the major issues of the time. I support the free movement of Labour across Europe, and am, in general, of the belief that immigration is not a great … Continued

Arse about tit Fiscal Conservatism

I am proud of being a left wing fiscal conservative. Unfortunately, being a fiscal conservative is synonymous with economic illiteracy for much of the left. This is because what has tended to be defined as ‘conservatism’ is an intention to cut … Continued

Labour polling: Tooth Decay, not Lego

A couple of years ago, 29 plus 6 was a popular sum among those interested in Labour’s likely election performance. It represented what some regarded as a ‘floor’ in Labour support, made up of the 29% of the electorate who … Continued

A downward trend long known and a choice for Labour’s dreamers.

Returning from a holiday after a small political earthquake is an intriguing experience. People talk in hushed tones about the immense significance of the events you missed, while you struggle to notice any difference. To summarise the astonishing events: A … Continued

Choose your own fantasy

What a depressing conference season this has been. We’ve had the triumphant gurning idiocy of Nigel Farage’s UKIP, a somnolently downbeat Labour gathering and a Conservative party that has decided that their route to victory is to disengage the clutch of reality … Continued

Do ‘conference bounces’ exist?

What is a ‘good conference’? I’ve been thinking a little about this since Labour conference, which received less than stellar reviews from the assembled journalists. On one level, it’s an easy question to answer. A good conference is one that … Continued

An English proposal

We don’t yet know if  the devolution dash that followed the tightening of the Independence referendum polls  has done enough to prevent Scottish independence. At the same time, the prospect of a further extension of powers to a Scottish parliament, … Continued

Trust, Politics and Pie Crusts

On Monday the Liberal Democrats launched their pre-manifesto. One little noticed part of the package was an attempt to outbid Labour on housebuilding. Now, I take a small interest in housing policy, so I was interested. Labour is promising to build … Continued

This is England ’14

I haven’t written on Scotland, because I’m not Scottish and I know little of Scottish politics, other than occasionally coming up against the fierce hatreds of the Scottish Labour party and the resultant regular fissures in machine politics. I want the … Continued

Shut up and take my money

I want to pay for good writing. I really do. The problem is, no-one seems to have worked out how to do it. Luckily I have. As Matthew Sinclair points out, for a standard punter to pay for their media is … Continued