At the old blog, this was a place where anyone could comment on the overall quality and tenor of the blog (and of me as a human being, if they so chose).  It was very web 2.0, well before its time.

Sadly, it ended up being a bit boring.

Which is your fault, dear readers, for your lack of wit, creativity, trenchant observations and mordant humour. I blame only you.

So here, in these glamorous new surrounds I shall merely curate comments about me that appear on comments threads,  or elsewhere on the web, that strike me as more than usually well observed. Ahem.

I’ll try to mix in the odd nice one with the general abuse. Should you wish to pass on your personal reviews, hopisenATgmailDOTcom is the place to send ’em


” a typical Labour blogger in may ways. Rather than see the blogosphere as an arena in which activists can speak truth to power – as Conservatives do – he sees it as yet another outlet in which he can advertise his unwavering loyalty to the Party leader”

Toby Young

“The true home for Sen and his dwindling Blairite sect is in the Tory Party. We will prosper without their ‘support’ and turn our backs on warmongering, privatisation and sucking up to the bosses.”

Erica Blair

“We are going to have to get used to a new cast of grunts and bouncers and strong-arm merchants. I saw just one Blairite relic, a no-neck called  Hopi Sen  whom I last encountered when he catapulted me from some General Election rally”

Quentin Letts, Daily Mail, 12 May 2007