Putting the Boots in.

As I grew up in Nottingham, I’m a big supporter of Boots. Raleigh bikes too. (I have mixed feelings about John Player).

So when it came down to backing Boots or the Labour party on the matter of business policy, there was only one side I was going to endorse.

May I quote the Chairman of Boots?

“When we build factories in which it is a joy to work, when we establish pension funds which relieve our workers of fears for their old age, when we reduce the number of working days in the week, or give long holidays with pay to our retail assistant, we are setting a standard which Governments in due time will be able to make universal.”

That’s John Boot, Chairman of Boots in 1938.  Couldn’t agree more. See, I’m totally pro-business.

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  1. Newmania

    What I notice about the whole “Kick Business ” thing” is that it is weirdly old Labour but also not a very social attitude.
    Take Amazon ( boo his boo hiss ) ok so I think they have just about got into profit after establishing .at immense risk a new business model for books and media.
    After this heroic imaginative and socially fantastic thing ( we rely on it to keep our children in reading matter), what is the state doing ? Standing by the road with its pistols drawn wanting to take its protection money.
    What do they want… to have us all staring cold faced into Boots where the well heeled sip lattes and enjoy the “experience ” ?
    If then increase Amazons costs then you increase the price of books not only that you deter people from doing such am amazing thing again.

    Thats how it works same for Tescos and same for Sports Direct et al.

  2. Newmania

    Wrote Boots , mean Waterstones , I was mesmerized by the lyric beauty of your prose

  3. Alan Griffiths

    There’s no kick business thing.
    There’s a “scrounger businesses must pay their share thing”.

  4. Newmania

    No it is an attempt to capitalize on an investigation into HSBC , something with no special political significance to whip up class hatred .
    It requires almost total ignorance ,small minded envy and takes Labour back to the 70s

    • Alan Griffiths

      There are lots of people rich enough to live better than most of us without working, who aren’t involved in international tax-dodging. What view of class sees international tax-dodgers as a class?


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