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My new Policy Network  pamphlet on rebuilding the popular centre is out: You can read my article for Progress summarising the argument here: Thank you so much for the kind reactions.

I’ll be writing more about the subject, but I’ve had a few requests for kindle/Instapaper versions alongside the PDF.

So here’s my best shot at meeting those demands. Hopefully they work…

Original PDF

Instapaper friendly version: (no footnotess)

Kindle MOBI file (no footnotes)

3 Responses to “The Popular Centre: Links and files”

  1. Newmania

    I don`t think UKIP would be much impressed at your lumping them in with European Fascists . I think they might argue that they were the only defenders of Constitutional Parliamentary democracy
    I don`t think a sopping wet Liberal like Alex Massie would like being juxtaposed with a snarling antagonist like Medhi Hassan either
    I don`t think Labour`s unwanted and risible nonsense about regional devolution , which you have yourself scoffed at, can be seriously set against EVEL , the boundary commission or even , which PR at least has some support .
    I don`t think your frankly anti English position ( shared only by the Green Party) can seriously be called centrist , your conversion to fiscal sanity is only recent and strategic , your tin ear on immigration requires little explanation .

    Personally I appreciate the view that as so much is unknown we are better off sticking with what may work imperfectly. That is the essence of conservatism and a very good reason not to vote for any progressive Party.
    Such views will do no good being expressed in the abstract though. They work by scaring the shit out of people on jobs ( Europe ), on security ( support for the US and NATO) on interest rates (deficit)

    A PR English Parliament would solve so much. It would dispel the unreasonable loathing of Europe , the gathering conviction that the elite are selling the country out . It would mean that you did not have to beg navel gazing Labour loons to engage with the Midlands and South .
    It might be less collectivist than you are ( but then who isn`t) but it would be more Liberal , (which you would like ) and less barbaric , I see a cultural renaissance for the English , most of whom have despair of Britain and look to America for a golden age of music and drama.

    What do we get , state comedians , state celebrity dancing …dismal; dismal tedium.

    • Hopi Sen

      UKIP seem to do a good enough job of lumping themselves with various atavists without my help!


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