Unite, Grangemouth and a long ago ex-girlfriend of mine.

Once at University, I’d been dumped by a girlfriend, and was complaining to a friend how unfair she’d been, how she’d cheated on me, and how unreasonable and unpleasant she’d been about the whole thing.

He said ‘Yeah, she probably shouldn’t have done all that, but to be fair, you were being a total dickhead. No wonder she was totally sick of you”.

He had a pretty good point.

This is basically how I feel about Ineos, Unite and Grangemouth, and something about Len McCluskey’s outraged article in defence of Unite reminded me of my friend’s excellent advice from so long ago.

4 Responses to “Unite, Grangemouth and a long ago ex-girlfriend of mine.”

  1. Quietzaple

    Eric Joyce @ericjoyce on twitter to link to his blog, is not Labour’s favourite son, but he’s always been worth reading on this issue.

    IMO Unite attempted suicide with a bodkin and a bludgeon in reserve. Who suffers?

  2. David

    Connection dodgy so you may get this twice…

    Reminds me of charge of the light brigade. C’est manifique mais c’est n’est pas industrial relations

  3. Alan Ji

    Definitively who has lost out is Stephen Deans, against whom much has been alleged but nothing proved.
    Meanwhile, whether or not Labour’s enquiry is to be re-opened is waiting on what the Police do with the information the employer has given them.

  4. Quietzaple

    The confusion of the different LP membership lists for the various Falkirk Labour Parties and circulation of what I’d call canvass materials, according to Eric Joyce, suggests abuse of those lists. Not a sacking or resigning offence, but wrong and indication some confusion perhaps.


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