The low tax tactic and the Nordic model

My monthly column on the “State of the left” is up on the Policy Network website.

It deals with the irrelevance of Europe, the continuing weakness of the Tory party, and Labour’s move to embrace both redistribution and low taxes.

As ever though, the real joy of the Policy Network collection is the chance to learn more about developments elsewhere, whether it’s the growth of Canada’s NDP or how the Italian centre-left is dealing with the twin challenges of Berlusconi and the 5 star movement.

Perhaps my favourite story though, is Katrine Kielos’s account of how the Swedish Social democrats have won a trademark case over the “Nordic Model”.

I obviously worry that this Swedish copyright assertion of the “Nordic Model” could bankrupt the Guardian editorial and economics team, but I’d love a similar British example.

Imagine if “One Nation” were copyright. Or “hardworking families” or “all in this together”. The impact on British political rhetoric would be wonderful!

Anyway, all the articles are well worth a few minutes of your time.

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  1. CS Clark

    Sorry to let a pet peeve interfere with humour, but copyright and trademark are not interchangeable terms.


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