It’s considerably more boring than that

I had the enjoyable experience of being called the “professor of pessimism” by Polly Toynbee today.

I should probably embrace the title, It’s better than being a “Warrior for Complacency”, I suppose!

The problem is, I don’t actually feel particularly pessimistic, at least not about the polling situation.

A ten or so point lead is perfectly respectable, and although there are a lot of unknowns, – the economy, impact of the ratings of our top team, our issue rating, how the LibDems will actually perform and where – they are just that, broadly unknowns.

I want us to be aiming for political hegemony, and want us to be doing even better than we are, but I don’t claim we’re doing badly1.

We’re more in the polling “corridor of uncertainty”, where what the Labour party and the government choose to do over the next two years will likely have a huge impact on the future.

That’s what I tried to reflect in my Guardian piece this morning, which feels fairlystraightforward and dull, not pessimistic, at least to me!

  1. and surely wanting to be even more popular is a good thing, not pessimism and disloyalty to the cause? []

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