A liberal degree of dissonance

Amusing dissonance in quotes about the LibDems from Labour sources yesterday, official versus unofficial, tabloid versus broadsheet, on record versus background, elected politician versus “senior figure”.

(I know who I have my money on, and he has the initials MD)

“Even some Lib Dems have worked out that support for Nick Clegg and his party is in meltdown. After all those broken promises and propping up the Tories for nearly three years, the Lib Dems are ­getting what they deserve.”

Michael Dugher MP, Sunday Mirror

“The language we are using about Nick Clegg is strikingly different from what it was even three months ago. We’ve gone from being very, very angry with the Lib Dems to focusing on the Tories.”

Senior Labour figure, the Observer

I wouldn’t read too much into this. Michael Dugher’s job is to be robust for the cause, and both approaches are compatible: Labour can be softening privately to working with Nick Clegg in the future while being very critical of the decisions and choices he has made in the past.

Still, if this demonstrates our new, softer approach, I do wonder what we were saying six months ago!

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  1. Brian Hughes

    To appreciate fully the sweet-awfulness of Labour’s dilemma wrt the Lib Dems it’s necessary to have lived in a Lib Dem/Con marginal for about a quarter of a century.

    Our hearts tell us, especially just after the election results are in, that our party must do all in its power to crush these beastly vote-thieves with their simplistic faux-leftie solutions to all the country’s problems.

    Our heads remind us, especially when elections loom, that the real victors of such a campaign would be the Tories. Hey hum.

    Still, never mind eh? Everything’s allegedly for the best and today is said to be blue Monday. We might as well go on being rude to them because Mr Cameron seems almost certain to win a second term* on 7th May 2015 (cf today’s Guardian/ICM poll). Only 2662 days left to campaign for the 2020 general election….

    * note, I’m slightly less pessimistic than I was and am no longer certain that he’ll get a workable majority


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