If my enemy jumps on a rake, I win.

Lots of new polling on the economy today, but I want to make a slightly different point.

According to YouGov, in August 2010, 27% of those polled thought that Labour had the best policies for the economy in general, giving the Conservatives a significant lead.

More than two years later, YouGov has found that 27% of the British public think Labour has the best policies for the economy in general, putting Labour into a virtual tie with the Conservatives.

The difference? A near doubling in those saying none of the parties have the best policies for the economy.

ICM found in October last year that 26% of voters thought that Labour’s team was the best on the economy. This put Labour 11 points behind.

This year, they found that 27% felt the same way, putting Labour only 4 points behind.

This matters. After all, Governments lose elections. It’s just that sometimes people in politics see the Tories economic ‘lead’ tightening and nothing else.

I’m not sure Labour ‘should’ be convincing more voters we’re best on the economy. (I don’t know enough about how and when voters make up their minds about opposition economic credibility and whether opposition policy at this point should be more about removing barriers than making supporters).

I don know that if I were a Tory strategist, I’d be much more worried about why Mr Osborne has thrown us on a rake than anything else.

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