The Tories posters just get worse and worse

I saw the new Tory poster online.

Are they some sort of joke? They’re doing a scare campaign based on a Guardian article that isn’t a policy that no-one’s ever heard of anyway?

What’s more, they’re putting an enormous great big tombstone, right where David Cameron’s head was in the last one?

Are they trying to take the mick out of themselves?

It’s just so over the top. Less high politics, more high camp.

Steve Hilton was Chief Exec of Saatchi and Saatchi. This is terrible, appalling advertising. As an ex Saatchi client, I’m almost offended. They’d do better with Melinda Messenger in a window.

Anyway kudos to the good people over at for providing a template to play with already.

So here’s what I think the Tory ad is really saying:

10 Responses to “The Tories posters just get worse and worse”

  1. tonimoroni

    It reads like a throwback to the ‘Like your manifesto, comrade’ and ‘Labour’s policy on arms’ ads that Saatchis did for Thatcher’s Tories. Baseless scaremongering in other words.

    (PS I used to be a copywriter at Saatchis, Hopi, so if I did anything naff for you, I apologise here and now.)

  2. stephen

    The obvious response is “David Cameron (and other millionaires) wants an extra £500K when he dies”

  3. newmania

    Yes perhaps Hopi will recall well his hero Tony Blair invented the story that the Conservative Party planned to stop the state pension.Takes the palm surely ?
    BTW is this more or less baseless than the racist allegation that New Labour wanted to flood the country with immigrants to make it “Truly Multicultural” ? That suddenly got all based up eh Hop

  4. bert

    I love it when party hacks get all self righteous about posters like this. Sssooooooo hypocritical. Brown has made negativity the central theme of British politics – for 25 plus years.

    Please, Lefties – the high horse used to work when you guys were in opposition – not in government.

  5. tom

    My david cameron have said they wont be satirising the next tory poster, knowing its had its day. Still, this hasnt stopped both parties from starting their own p-poor fake poster sites. But i agree, mylabourposter is just particularly unfunny. What will be next? The posters have already been turned into a 3d game ( and other copy sites are springing up.


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