Join the Dots.


“The Government is launching a comprehensive Review of all capital investment in schools, early years, colleges and sixth forms. Led by Sebastian James, Group Operations Director of DSG international plc, the Review team includes Kevin Grace, Tesco – Director of Property Services…”


Reducing the burden on schools

To review and reform the requirements on schools including the building/School Premises Regulations, design requirements and playing field regulations.

What does this mean? As Conor Ryan (an Blair era No 10 adviser on Education) says:

“…the coalition is considering removing the requirement introduced by Labour that playing fields can only be sold where they provide new sports facilities, like a new sports hall.”


I wonder if there are any companies that might benefit from an increased supply of land in urban and suburban areas? Or any that might see a benefit in smaller school buildings and playing fields that would allow “spare” land to be sold off for commercial use?

Nope, can’t think of any.

5 Responses to “Join the Dots.”

  1. Alun

    I do hope that you aren’t suggesting something that you clearly aren’t. Because that would appallingly cynical, you know.

  2. Mike

    Cross reference with Tory councils selling off care homes, on prime housing development land, to private owners. New owners are only required to retain purchases as care homes for a couple of years.

  3. CS Clark

    Don’t worry – the new free schools won’t need to follow the same bureaucratic red tape nonsense, so when it’s time for games they can just pop across the road from the disused shop/treehouse/cardboard box they use as a classroom to the council park.


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