FFFF: Are we the baddies?

Fascist fun and frolics Friday is a series of posts where, for my deranged amusement, I explore the exciting world of white supremacist web forums. Previous posts can be found here, here and here.

Let’s pick up where we left off last week. If many White Nationalists think of Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons as their ideal fantasy worlds, complete with well delineated races with defined characteristics, and thus give Middle Earth praise, love and affection, then Star Wars is their bete noire. (Appropriate phrase, really).

It’s not that White Supremacists dislike Star Wars. It’s just that they think the wrong side wins. For example, when a bunch of white supremacists takes a Star Wars personality test, they mostly come out as Emperor Palpatine, and are pretty chuffed about it, too. As one Stormfront poster says:

“I never understood why the Galactic Empire was so bad. They were mostly English (white men) and everything was so orderly and all. Aside from blowing up Aldaraan, they were pretty much the good guys and all.

Of course it makes a lot of sense when you replace the aliens with real life non-whites. Star Wars is pretty much the multi-cult against a fictional White Nationalist Empire. In the movies, everyone in the Empire was pretty much an Anglo-Saxon, even in phenotype.

One of my favourite Stormfront threads deals with just this topic. It’s called Does loving the Galactic Empire in Star Wars have anything to do with being Pro White? The first post is:

Maybe its just the uniforms.”

The whole Star Wars empire thing is pretty clear to most White nationalists. After all:

“I know they are supposed to be villains, but whenever I see a movie with pseudo-Nazis in it I always pull for them to win, including the Galactic Empire in Star Wars.”

Mind you, it’s no Schindlers List. As one Stromfronter says:

“I think cheering for the Imperial forces is a good warm up to watching Shindlers List and cheering for the Nazi’s”

As someone says in that thread, there’s one plus about the Star Wars universe. Although there’s plenty of different races, there’s pretty little inter race or species love depicted. Why?

“Perhaps since there are no Jews in the Star Wars galaxy, there is no one around to encourage race mixing and therefor it is very rare. Though, Jabba the Hutt does seem to have a thing for scantily clad humanoid women, which seems pretty bizarre.”

The trouble with this sort of stuff is that pretty soon you dissappear down the rabbithole of the Fascist mentality- which leaves you staring in disbelief at a post like this:

“My claim that the Star Wars Saga are subversive films? You mentioned the Ewoks a while back- to me they represent the struggle of nonwhites against European “colonialism” in the Third World, and it’s clear which side Lucas takes. “

Wait, So the Ewoks are evil now?

There’s loads of these strange twists in Stormfront, as pretty much every film with fascistic enemies gets turned on its head when it comes to the good guys and the bad guys.

The general justification for this is that since as we all know, the Jews control the media and films and TV, then obviously they’re going to portray Nazi’s and their stand ins as the baddies.  That makes it OK for proud White nationalists to cheer for the baddies. This happens again and again in threads like “Worst movie Racewise” where posters recount watching Roots for it’s happy ending – because they watched it in reverse.

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