Airbrushed for Change

The mydavidcameron website is brilliant. You can take the “airbrushed” Tory adverts and make your own version.

The Labour party  has taken the “Airbrushed for change” idea and run with it too –  using it in a rather nice online campaign you can see here.

Anyway, I though I’d join into the spirit of things, so here’s my effort.

It’s low abuse rather than sophisticated political commentary, but hey, that’s me all over.

7 Responses to “Airbrushed for Change”

  1. newmania

    New Labour -The make-up of make-up artists
    The UK-I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
    Hopi Sen-We’re number two. We try harder
    Conservative Party-We never forget you have a choice
    Anti Brown Plotting -It keeps going, and going, and going….
    Fiscal retrenchment -It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good
    Gordon Brown -Afore ye go

    Its ubiquitous ,but ok pass your weak shit around the knitting circle ( alright pretty funny shit ) but Andrew Marr raising it on the BBC`s flag ship politics show stinks.

  2. bert

    I can’t wait to see a Brown equivalent to that website.

    How about this – “Vote Labour, get the Brown stuff”.


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