This is what the Mayor of London spends his time on…

Yesterday, London faced its biggest public transport crisis since the London bombings. As I said yesterday, Boris Johnson’s response to this – to do little except cancel the congestion charge – was pretty aggravating.

What’s more aggravating though, is that he did manage to find the time to write a column for the Daily Telegraph, for which he will trouser something in the region of £5,000. Priorities, anyone?

We don’t know when precisely the article was written but it must have been in the last two days. Dave Hill has posted that he spoke to the Telegraph during the day yesterday, and was assured that it “had been delivered”, which suggests it was written either on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Why couldn’t it have been written earlier, you say? Well, I’d like to assume that Boris wouldn’t be so crass as to spend yesterday writing a column for the Telegraph, rather than doing his job, but since the column begins with the words  “Let us suppose you are so brave or mad as to get in your car today, and head off through the snowy wastes.” It’s hard to conclude that he did the writing before the snow started coming down.

Also, what’s with that thing about driving anyway? The whole opening of the Johnson article is an extended parable about the dangers of driving in the snow. This from the only man in the country who encouraged people to drive yesterday, by cancelling the Congestion charge.  WTF?

To return to the point: Boris Johnson is the mayor of London.  This weekend, while London was trying to prepare for and deal with it’s biggest weather crisis for decades, he was busy writing a column for the Telegraph.  Leadership?

Maybe even “Boriz-veztia” might think that this is newsworthy.

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  1. newmania

    I detested the congestion charge which was just a way of punishing motorists and i like the way Boris does not do that Nazi ~” He never sleeps ” thing which Brown and Thatcher had in common.
    I hope he is letting people get on with their jobs a lesson Labour could learn much from

  2. hopisen

    Err, newmania, by doing nothing to help people get into work, he’s not letting anyone get on with their jobs.

    You had to read more posts from me yesterday because there were no busses to take me to work, for example.

  3. Paul

    Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the capacity or desire to stay awake set out as a key feature of National Socialism, but there’s always a first time for everything.

    The extraordinary nature of the first comment has the effect of making the reader take the eye off the main post, Hopi, which is full of appropriate detail linking pretty incontrevertible fact to conclusions about subtle abuse of high office.

    Mind you, I have hesitated to say as much, because agreeing with someone might be seen as a key indicator a tendency to believe everything I’m told, and therefore make me a Nazi sympathiser or worse.

  4. newmania

    Err, newmania, by doing nothing to help people get into work, he’s not letting anyone get on with their jobs.

    There is nothing he can do . If this were Brown he would be busy doing nothing cancelling his holiday and appearing in Wellies. Some people obviously like that sort of thing , bores me .

    ( I am working from home …..:) )

  5. hopisen

    Paul, Newmania’s comment was odd too, because apart from anything else, Hitler wa a notoriously late riser. You could rarely get him before noon , and that’s one of the reasons the German reaction to D-day was so poor.

    Anway, less about hitler, more about Boris Johnson… whose £250k contract withthe Telegraph is worth about a hudred grand more to him than being Mayor of London. It’s beginning to show, I think.

  6. newmania

    Tsk tsk Hopi you should know better than to question me . Looking up the legend of ” The Fuhrer Never Sleeps ” I can across these attributes of his semi deified persona
    1 having amazing capacity for hard work. “I never sleep” (Hitler).
    2 controlling the weather, cloudless sky was said to be “Führer weather”. …(obviously snow is Boris weather )

    I have always been rather worried about that sort of thing and I prefer the fact that Boris has a succesful career I do not have to pay for . I believe Herr Livingstone was a teacher for a week and otherwise scrounged from the state . By the way are we for or against Livingstone this week?

    Nothing on the unemployed British workers you wish to abolish Britain is reponsible for Hopi. At least Boris is on your side there . I `m not

  7. Iain Dale

    Boris writes his articles at 6am in the morning. Always has. Can’t see how that conflicts with his time as Mayor at all.

  8. hopisen

    Errr. Iain, Since Boris himself said that he spent Monday morning from Dawn “liasing” from home with the Fire Service, Police and TfL, then would definitely impact his work as Mayor if he was typing up his Telegraph article at the same time, no?

    Apart from that, I didn’t realise that mayor of London was a standard 9-5 job…

  9. broncodelsey

    What a childish article.

    Was Boris meant to ignore the Met who advised them to stop running the bus service on Sunday evening due to the exctreme weather?

    Was Boris responsible for the closure of Heathrow, Stansted,Luton,City & Southampton airports?

    Was Boris responsible for the total closure of South Eastern trains and most other train services into London?

    Was Boris responsible for the closure of all public transport in Brighton & Hove?

    Nope,it was freak weather that comes every 20 years or so and there is ‘sod’ all anyone can do about it.

    Time for you to grow up and stop trying to make childish party political points out of every passing issue.

  10. hopisen

    Bron –

    In order@

    Points 1 and 3 – The Mayor of London is not responsible for individual services, but he is responsible for co-ordinating London wide responses. He is supposed to plan, prepare and lead the response. to minimise impact – while in fact, as far as I can tell, he did nothing.

    Let me put this another way. Aside from cancelling the Congestion charge, can you think of a single thing the Mayor of London did by oooh, Monday lunchtime?

    Points 2 and 4 are of course totally irrelevant..

  11. Michael

    Hopi, you are a leaf-kicking thinker. Not a “Boris-watcher” – the career of that clapped-out has-been-never-was Dave Hill.

    Hampstead Heath is nice these days. Head for the Leg-of-Mutton. The ducks are awfully contrary.


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