Maybe I’m getting pompous, but I really couldn’t care less about the Jacqui Smith story. Mostly I feel sympathy for Jacqui (who I like a lot and has always struck me as a decent and hardworking person) and some distaste for the relish with which the story is retold, which is basically the Nelson Muntz school of journalism.

(If you don’t get the Nelson Muntz reference, then shame on you, quite frankly)

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  1. newmania

    Yes I agree fun though , and I dealt with it in my own way

    Taking a leaf out of your book I think all this fuss about nothing is a coded request for something else . Its to do with the fact back bench MP`s have become pointless. Electoral reform is required
    1 Open Primaries for safe seats
    2 A 2 stage knock out process with the last two contesting all votes
    3 Secret Ballots for Select Committees
    4 A Timetable for debating the legislation emanating from Europe
    5 Kick in the pants for the Boundary commission , less Inner City Mps and far less Mps in devolved regions / Countries
    6 Reduction overall by about a third in the number of MPs maybe more
    7 A power saw taken to other levels of administration

    That way the MP would be elected by you and would have power on that basis they can be paid properly . At the moment why should they get anything they are powerless and pointless . Also such a Parliament would actually represent the country rather than slither in secret around it .

    Hard to see why the people who lied over Lisbon should get anything at all . The one job they were given , to represent our views they failed in. Why should we pay ?

  2. Justin

    Just how decent is she when she turns down “grace and favour” accommodation primarily, I suspect, to take advantage of the outrageous fringe benefits available to MPs.

  3. Brian Hughes

    How shaming, I had to google Nelson Muntz – I never knew the guy (on whom I model much of my conversation) had a name…

  4. Cari Henandez

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