Nadine Dorries: The British Sarah Palin (and not in a good way?)

Nadine Dorries has an inexplicable following amongst some elements of the Conservative party, which following seems to be basedon her willingness to spout the most extreme anti-Abortion rhetorics and her “plain speaking” “woman of the people” style which impresses some. In that way she’s a bit like Sarah Palin.

She’s more like Sarah Palin in the way she’s an absloute embarrassment to the Conservative party whenever she’s put near a microphone. (oh, and that she offers rather confused explanations when accused of personally benefitting from her political career).

Hat-tip to Chris Paul who is being indefatigable in getting her to explain her expenses as her “plain speaking” kicks up dust on Today and Radio 5.

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  1. newmania

    You all hate Nadine don`t you..I suppose you think she is like Sarah Palin because their respective faiths inform some of their opinions. I don`t usually sneer at religious beliefs but if you must laugh at such convictions can it not at least be even handed ? Islam offers a tempting target ?

    I met ND once , I would have liked to have asked her if she secretly wanted abortion outlawed ( which I would not support) . I hope she wants a revision of the 1960s position which public opinion has moved sharply against and is indefensible There are people walking around you want dead , how do you feel about rectifying that with an axe today ? Queasy ?
    The failure to reduce the limit was , I thought an apt demonstration of the indifference of our representative to the views of those they represent . In fact New Labour’s enthusiasm for pursuing teenagers with baseball bats for late termination to please superannuated stuck up wimmin confuses me .
    Many Labour voters are deeply religious people and Catholics as well , why is their voice so entirely absent from the debate ? This is especially bewildering when you remember that the architect of New Labour Saint Tony of the Cross had such a firm faith during his time walking amongst us . …he says ….

    Anyway Obama is turning out to be protectionist ¸as I predicted and weak abroad which I also predicted .We will have a nuclear Iran by the end of the year and increased unemployment here .Never mind , he looks nice .

  2. PhilC

    I hope Nadine keeps going on the radio.
    I listened to her on 5Live and thought she completely misjudged it. She came across as rather smug and holier-than-thou. She simply acted as a magnet for people to shout abuse about MPs.
    The Conservative press office must have been fuming what with the Totnes Tory and his lordly manor because it diverted attention from Labour’s problems in this area.

  3. CazE

    I agree with you, Hopi. I’m a Conservative party member and activist but I assure you, we’re not all in thrall to her and some of us actively detest her. She’s just so shrill and attention-seeking. Please, please, for the good of the party, can someone get her off the airwaves and out of the public eye? And perhaps DC could have a strong word with her about her blog – it’s not doing our party’s image any favours.

  4. tim f

    “I suppose you think she is like Sarah Palin because their respective faiths inform some of their opinions.”

    No, otherwise I would be like Sarah Palin too, and so would the Christian Socialist Movement.

    I’ve steered clear of the Nadine Dorries/Sarah Palin comparisons, partly because I think they’re drawn because they’re both outspoken women, which in itself is not a bad thing.

    I’m delighted that Sarah Palin was promoted before she was ready, because with the proper training I think she’d have been a formidable opponent. She has strengths that Nadine Dorries wishes she had, but doesn’t. Thankfully a desperate Republican Party propelled her forward way before time and she made herself into a laughing stock.

    Dorries, on the other hand, is completely barking and no amount of training could mitigate that. She’s one of the few people that I think should be given as much airtime as possible because with enough rope she’ll hang herself & damage the Tories.

  5. stephenod293

    I’m disregarding everything ND has said before, because I was unaware of her till today. Taking what she said on C5 in isolation, I was really impressed that an MP, any MP, would call it straight. I could never ever vote Tory, but I’m glad she stated that MP’s have accepted until now that the salary and allowances were treated as one (as the divorce courts do). I also know that the media’s stance of not knowing all of this is entirely implausible, as I already knew about it. Any journalist who says otherwise is either stupid or lying. Of course all MP’s guilty of fraud should be prosecuted, and quite a few others should at least be deselected, but pursuing the likes of Menzies Cambell is just plain ridiculous.
    I bet that all the carpet-baggers in waiting are celebrating the number of seats that are about to be vacated, if it wasn’t for the fact that every constituency will now changed hands from one major party to another.


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