Economics Seriousness: Giles Wilkes

I’m hoping to do a more in depth post on the economy later on in the week, (in part responding to Duncan and openleft here), but until then, several people whose judgement I respect have urged me to read Giles Wilkes Centreforum pamphlet “Slash and Grow?”.

So I am. It’s a rocking way to spend your coffeebreaks and lunchtimes, people.

3 Responses to “Economics Seriousness: Giles Wilkes”

  1. duncanseconomicblog

    Slash and Grow is excellent. The spreadsheet that lets you play with GDP forecasts is also worth a try.

  2. newmania

    In your in depth piece Hopi will you be sure to explain why it is that we are better off continuing to hose money at the Public Sector rather than offering tax cuts .

    ( The answer that they are unionised and pay for the Labour Party is not what I have on the card….)

  3. freethinkingeconomist

    Now I’m guilty. Not only have I wasted plenty of time that could have been spent playing with my kids, but I’ve also ruined a few dozen coffee breaks.

    Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Seriously, this is my first go at national-accounts GDP stuff, so if you see any howlers or obvious mistakes, blast it all over the Internet



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