PMQs – here we go.

Well, this one will fun. Very good start by Gordon in response to Peter Tapsell pointing out he’d called for a cut in VAT and increased capital spending.

Cameron going on VAT. Nice soundbites, but very lightweight in content. An easy Gordon win so far.

Can I take some credit for the “Do Nothing” line again?

Update: Clegg quite good today. Sober and restrained. He’s much better like that than when he tries to do faux outrage.

Update 2
Thinking more about it, I think the Tories language is interesting today. The sunny optimism that Cameron embraced a couple of years ago is long gone. Now the country is apparently “Bankrupt”. This massively negative view of the British economy caries one very major risk. What if the economy gets moving again?

Summary: I agree with Adam Boulton that the VAT attack didn’t really cme off. I’m intrigued by how negative the Tory approach was. “We’re all doomed, doomed – and there’s not much anyone can do about it” seems to be the new Tory line. I’m not sure how effective that will be, no matter how strident their attacks on Labour are.

Just heard on Sky that I thought cameron did well. Not reallyl, to be honest! Good soundbites, but poor content. Still Nice to be mentioned…

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  1. VS

    Are you really serious? Still calling it a win for Brown? Please be more honest with yourself. Just one example – at the last election, Brown said we have worked out that you can’t cut a single penny from public finances and the Tories are planning to cut billions. While the cut itself was a lie (the Tories planned to slow down the rate of increase), suddenly now Labour thinks they can make savings of 5 billion a year?Just one tiny example of how Brown has lied to us…sick of this now.

  2. Mark Vickery

    “Do Nothing” was actually a very good song written by the Specials in 1980. It reflects on the early era of the Thatcher goverment. Nothing changes…..
    Check it out on the album More Specials

  3. Mark

    repeat after me: The Conservatives are a do nothing party, the Conservatives are a do nothing party, the Conservatives are a do nothing party, the Conservatives are a do nothing party…..

    Is that really the best that our Leader can do? This doesn’t show leadership at all. It is an unimaginative, incorrect and rather childish comment and, as always Brown NEVER answers the questions!

  4. labourmatters

    Did you notice that Cameron tried to spell out what they would do? Not a long list, of course, but confirmation again that he hangs on opinion poll results like they really matter. (The latest poll shows that people are critical of him attacking but not setting out an alternative.)

  5. David Urquhart

    David Cameron and his conservative tribe make my blood boil! One minute they shout that the labour party and too state interventionalist and that the financial sector was being sufficated; the next, the argument is that the labour party should have done more to prevent the financial crisis.

    The tories spend a lot of time complaining about government policy, however I am yet to hear a genuine alternative to the problem.

    For anyone who plan to vote for David Cameron and his brigade at the next GE, I’d like to know whether you are voting for him because you agree with what he’d do to get the country out of this recession (I’d suggest noone really knows), or are you voting for him because of the volume of his voice at PMQs?

  6. MV2

    My personal belief is that GB should be honest and open with policies because people will form their own opinion regardless of the weekly question time theartre. He should set out a structured campaign early next year that there will be an election in 2010. As with most of the global nations effected by the finanical meltdown New Labour has moved to the left. It is the natural way to go. The Tories have shown their true colours and gone to the right in recent weeks to distance themselves which doesn’t really address the short term issues for people.

  7. Tez

    David U.

    I’ll tell you why I’ll vote for Cameron (though sadly it will be too late). Right now we have an unelected prime minister who has repeatedly supported or outright tabled policies that have weakened freedom in this country. A PM who has broken his own rules. A PM who was behind the student tuition fees that have now seen this casual debt roll out of our universities into everyones lives and brough ton this current crisis. A PM who believes he is seen as a good bet in a crisis and so tries to inflame situations and then portray himself as the rescuer.

    Not my idea of a PM, a statesman or a leader.

    Long overdue for new ideas and if you want to hear Cameron’s suggestions you get your leader to call an election if your so confident.

  8. Mark M

    Can someone show me the proof that doing something in a recession is better than doing nothing? Even if ‘nothing’ is what the Conservatives would do, have Labour proved that putting over £16,000 of debt on every man, woman and child in the country is a better solution?

    And what of the next downturn? On average, they arrive every 7 years. What is Labour’s solution if a downturn happens in 2015, another £400bn of borrowing having run budget deficits in the growth years again? This is not a sustainable solution, and in trying to protect people in the short term, Labour will cripple people in the long term.

  9. labourboy

    Can I just ask Newmania, after your dramatic exit from the ‘blogosphere’ a few weeks back, why are you back again?

  10. newmania

    I `m not really ..Up to my eyes in clients with no money to pay us and struggling to stay employed with three young children to worry about . I make the odd comment but my blog is over and I have ditched my filing and accumulation of clippings ( From anti Liberal , to Wimmin) dropped all my mags and papers etc.

    Just a bit of ignorant trolling now and then is all guv.


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