Oooh, look it’s me.

I spent this lunchtime trying to make a little video of myself as I prepare plans for global domination to occassionally interview people online.

In the process I learnt new respect for those who manage to appear on TV without making themselves look like total idiots, gurning constantly, fidgeting constantly or losing their train of thought in mid…

I also learnt that windows moviemaker is pretty simple to use. Also, I learnt why autocues are used and that even when I think I’m being brief I go on for far too long. So it was a useful process, despite basically being me talking for two minutes.

So here’s the first effort, recorded today.

Hopefully the next one will have less of me wittering on and more of other people saying interesting things.


So that’s what I look and sound like. You may now post derogatory comments.

21 Responses to “Oooh, look it’s me.”

  1. labourmatters

    Derogatory comments…

    Having done as you asked, may I point out that I have a black dog, not a white cat, but I was stroking him whilst watching. He – the dog – also prefers the cats to you!

    Seriously, top work. I’m looking forward to your first interview.

  2. Paul

    If it’s any help, I’m completely rubbish at being interviewed, what with the fidgeting, gurning and residual teenage gaucheness. We could be a perfect match.

  3. newmania

    I’m completely rubbish at being interviewed

    Am I now living in a world where random anonymous people interview eachother ? Exciting isn`t it .

  4. Paul

    Simply pushing postmodernist artifice to and eventually limits through the deliberate parody of celebrity culture, my dear boy. You know it no longer makes sense, and there’s the renewed sense in it. Baudrillard woz ‘ere.

  5. hopisen

    yup, it’s hard to keep your eyes locked on the camera, esp when your note are propped up by a book next to it!

  6. michael

    Fascinating to see the man behind the words.

    As for your debut.

    Your voice is very well-modulated but you speak a tad too fast. I think you might have to talk artificially slow. And if you do “think” then insert pauses, even quirky ones, to allow the viewer to catch up.

    There’s a problem with your eyes which is possibly to do with the fact you’re not using an autocue. “Reading thoughts” off the side of the camera is disconcerting for the viewer.

    Your arms are like windmills and are a distraction.

    The camera in my opinion should be closer to your face which, I suppose, solves the problems of your personal windmills.

    One thing I wanted to ask. How the hell did you get your name?

  7. Andrew F

    It reminds me of Stephen Fry somehow – just in terms of mannerisms and voice.

    Amused me.

  8. bensix

    A good effort.

    Absurdly reminiscent of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads.

  9. Innocent abroad

    Michael, I imagine HS got his name from his parents. Unless, of course, he bought it at a Labour Party fundraiser in the 1990s…

  10. Andy

    Not bad at all.
    Witty, well structured.
    The eyes have been mentioned, but my compliments for not looking like Iain Gray on his legendary Newsnight Scotland video, which was real bunny in the headlamps stuff.
    Even opponents wanted to get behind the sofa a la Doctor Who.
    Sadly, my own try outs make me look like an indigent from Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area.

  11. Consuela Bananahammock

    You sound much posher than I’d imagined. But still, very interesting indeed. I don’t agree that you spoke too fast and that your arms moved like windmills.

    Excellent blog, by the way – one of my top five Labour blogs.

  12. hopisen

    Yeah – i don’t know how the posh voice happened. when I tell people I went to an inner city comp in nottingham they refuse to believe me!

  13. trickylittleimp

    Cor – did you remember nuffink from that early ’90s gb’cast training…? Nah – Great one and well done; we’ll make a meeja whore of you yet 😉

  14. labourboy

    Blimey! Utterly nothing like what I expected! Anyway, one thing I noticed is that you struggled to regulate your swallowing, so sometimes it looked like the flow was minutely interrupted as you swallowed a build up of spit that came as you tried to get everything out. Does that make sense? Anyway that will come with time and experience I should think, as will ‘naturalness’ as sometimes it seems forced at the moment, which it is – because you’re speaking into a camera rather than having a ‘proper’ conversation.

    Awesome cat vid though.

    Anyway – keep it up, this is my favourite labour blog!

  15. dave g


    I think you need some advice on making sure you have the right books in background to your video blog….

    I’m sure many others can suggest some pertinent title that would convey the right image of gravitas with a hint of frivolity…




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