Just a reminder to read yesterday’s post if you haven’t yet.  I know it’s long, but I like it and  I’m allowed to plug my own stuff aren’t I?

At least it’s not a goddarned “oooh look how many visitors I got last week, I’m bigger than jesus, me” post.  Put me on life tilt, those do. 

I’ll post more interesting stuff later maybe. Until then, I shall leave you with this. Last night, in Tooting I watched two adolescent foxes play fighting over an empty two litre coke bottle for about fifteen minutes. It was teh cute.  What with the Green parrots, the foxes, the blue tits, the eqyptian geese, the chaffinches, the moorhens, the coots and the swans, I see mere exciting wildlife in Tooting than I ever have when I lived in the country. 

Oh, and I’m thinking of buying a digital camcorder and doing a few Charlie Brooker style rants into camera while watching politics shows. Anyone know what I’d need to do to record TV to my hard drive and my ugly mug to the computer at the same time?

2 Responses to “Oi.”

  1. newmania

    I liked it , in that it is a relatively honest statement of the left wing tax and spend alternative . I found I diagreed on so many levels that it was almost impossible to say any “one thing “.
    I am off to listen to Oliver Letwin tonight who has had a piece in Conservative Home and the Guardian today about the coherence of the Conservative Plans for the problem of poverty. As I intend to trap him into converstaion

    What would you ,a wild eyed revolutionary intent on stealing my car and making my children state fostered work units , say to Oliver Letwin on that subject?

  2. hopisen

    I would ask him about cost. I would accept his good faith in wanting to do the things he say he wants to do and ask how expensive he thinks it would be to intervene in peoples lives in the way that will turn them around, given that tax credits have been to expensive in his eyes in sovling the least ingrained poverty.

    if he veers into platitudes about the importance of familiy structure I would again take it back to the question of how much changing current behaviours would cost. I’d point out that W2, the wisconsin welfare reform programme is both more expensive than conventional welfare and leaves more people in deep verty (though it does have it’s plus points in that it does help more into work).


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