Detective Howard investigates…

Former Tory Leader Michael Howard wore a mien of outrage (and possibly a deerstalker hat) yesterday when calling for an investigation on alleged leaks on the Bank Bail out plan. I couldn’t agree more.

So If Hercule Howard wishes to track down the vile perpeprators of such leaks, perhaps he should take a moment first to ask his erstwhile proteges, the honourable members for Tatton and Witney, about briefings they may have recieved on the economic situation at the end of last week and if they covered any of the issues that lay behind sudden changes in policy that were announced in subsequent media appearances and contacts, and which then drove speculation about what the government was planning.

Once he’s uncovered why Tory politicians dropped the phrase “recapitalisation” gently onto the airwaves on Sunday, Sherlock Howard might then want to find out who on Monday briefed that Banking chiefs were accusing the Government of dithering on such a plan. After all, it would be rather odd for the government to accuse itself of idiocy. Was it perhaps the banks themselves, eager to get a plan agreed?

After all, it would terrible if people used information they gained in confidential brefings to make themselves look good, and in doing so hinted at actions the Government is likely to take that had market consequences..

So, Detective Howard, over to you with the pipe, magnifying glass and deerstalker hat.

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  1. Albert Shanker

    Yes there is a real element of Cui Bono? here.

    Banks, anticipating a nose diving share price, are very keen to bounce the government into a position. Why not brief the press and blame on Labour spin?

  2. newmania

    Signing off

    I think your current satisfaction at the Brownian seriousness of everything is misplaced Hopi . Taxes are going to have to go up,Services ( and that is chiefly public sector salaries) cut . No option. But no-one can afford to pay the taxes or take the cuts , strikes and tax payer revolt will follow .
    The luxury option of Social democracy will close down and the only workable models will be to encourage enterprise by legalising failure and risk or actual socialism … I have never decided if that’s what you really were , many in the Labour Party will certainly be delighted . Which way to go….?
    I hope that the raw truth will be seen . New Labour sold a lie , that you can have a risk free kindly and simultaneously prosperous society , we always suspected it was lie and now we know . I hope enough people see this earlier and we do not conduct a disastrous experiment in collectivism .

    As I am one of the many in the crap I have no time for further sheep worrying at your gaff or elsewhere .Been lovely doing business with you


  3. Letters From A Tory

    Perhaps he should have a chat with Mr Peston at the BBC, who 10 Downing Street leaked the bailout plan to in order to push down the share price of the major banks.


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